Benefits for the Adviser

Manage instantly, improve efficiencies

The discretionary nature of the service means advisers don’t need to produce a Record of Advice to make changes to their clients’ portfolios.

You obtain significant practice efficiencies by managing your clients more effectively and reducing paperwork.

Own the service

Give the service your company ‘look and feel’ by branding the documentation and your dedicated web portal.

Spend more time with your clients. Leave the administration to us!

The day to day administration of running direct portfolios is managed by professionals: Investment Managers manage the portfolios, a Custodian holds the investments and cash for your client, and as administrator operates the Managed Account, and

  • undertakes transactions on your clients behalf,
  • handles all reporting and record keeping, and
  • provides online resources to help you administer and track investments.

Enhance client outcomes gives your dealer group the ability to select a suite of investment managers and investment options, including asset class model management, which allows you to enhance client outcomes.