Our Technology

“Leave legacy platforms where they belong. In the past”

Leveraging off latest technology, managedaccounts.com.au has developed its core components sourcing best-of-breed technology from around the globe and incorporating this into a solution built for you.


Adopting a custodial omnibus structure, managedaccounts.com.au effectively removes the need of individual client HINs and eliminates the client or adviser firm acting as mail house. Hassle free approach? Correct. And better yet, your client maintains beneficial owner ship of the underlying assets. Simple really when a global custodian house has been selected.

Investment Modelling

Rather than recreate the wheel, managedaccounts.com.au has sourced an institutional modeling tool that allows you to manage your client portfolios individually (IMA) or in bulk (SMA), re-weight, re-balance, prohibit, the list goes on…and by the way, you'll be using a modelling tool that is used by Investment Managers on a global scale.

Our Technology

The ‘Front End’

This is where your clients and your colleagues can view information online at anytime via your dedicated Managed Accounts website branded to your requirements. Clean and fresh in design, our simple-to-use desktop showcases the information you need to know, quickly and efficiently. And by not using legacy technology, we are able to provide further solutions to cater for different business needs.